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How to replace the heater core in a 1995 ford ranger

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How to replace the heater core in a 1995 ford ranger

Hi, below is the iformation, thanks

Heater Core

Removal and Installation

Allow the engine (6007) to cool. Following all safety precautions and using a thick cloth, turn radiator cap slowly to the first stop. Step back while pressure is released. When the pressure has been released, tighten the radiator cap on the radiator.

Disconnect the heater water hoses (18472) from the heater core (18476) and plug the heater water hoses .

In the passenger compartment, remove the instrument panel (04320) .

Remove heater air plenum chamber (18471).

Remove heater core from heater air plenum chamber . For installation, follow removal procedures in reverse order.


ItemPart NumberDescription
1 18471 Heater Air Plenum Chamber
2 18A318 Vacuum Control Motor
3 N621907-S2 Nut (5 Req'd)
4 - Stud (Part of 19850)
5 01610 Dash Panel
A - Tighten to 3-5 Nm
(27-44 Lb-In)

CAUTION: Before performing any removal or installation on the Aerostar instrument panel, the battery to starter relay cable must be disconnected for a minimum of 60 seconds to discharge the air bag backup power supply.

NOTE: When the battery has been disconnected and reconnected, some abnormal drive symptoms may occur while the powertrain control module (PCM) (12A650) relearns its adaptive strategy. The vehicle may need to be driven 16 km (10 miles) or more to relearn the strategy.

Instrument Panel, Ranger, Explorer

Removal and Installation

  1. Remove right door scuff plate plate screws.
  2. Remove right kick panel.
  3. Disconnect battery ground cable (14301) .
  4. Disconnect wiring connectors in engine compartment.
  5. Remove two bolts retaining hood latch control handle and cable (16916) and lower cable and two bolts attaching parking brake release.
  6. Remove the floor console, if equipped. Refer to Base Console, Floor, Ranger
  7. If Ranger, move transfer case control to far forward position.
  8. Remove instrument panel steering column cover (04459) by removing two (2) screws and pulling on cover to release grasshopper clips.
  9. Remove bolt to bracket at right of accelerator pedal.
  10. Remove instrument panel steering column reinforcement by removing six (6) screws.
  11. Open fuse panel door, and remove two (2) bolts attaching instrument panel to cowl (A pillar beam).
  12. Remove lower steering column pinch bolt.
  13. Disconnect lower steering column U-bolt.
  14. Disconnect left side junction block.
  15. Disconnect transmission shift cable.
  16. Disconnect stoplamp switch.
  17. Disconnect inertia switch.
  18. Disconnect crash sensor.
  19. Disconnect right door electrical harness.
  20. Remove electrical harness pushpin.
  21. Remove ground wire bolt.
  22. On right side of instrument panel lower, remove one (1) bolt.
  23. Remove one (1) threadless fastener and two (2) pushpins attaching insulator to lower right-hand instrument panel .
  24. Lift edge of defroster grille, using a flat wooden dowel, then pull up on defroster grille to release clips and tension tabs. Remove defroster grille.
  25. Remove five (5) bolts at top of instrument panel.
  26. Disconnect all electrical connections at rear of instrument panel.
  27. Position instrument panel away from dash panel.
  28. Disconnect junction block behind dash.
  29. Remove instrument panel.

Instrument Panel, Ranger, Explorer


ItemPart NumberDescription
1 046B62 Instrument Panel Defroster Opening Grille
2 043C18 Passenger Air Bag Opening Cover Assembly (Explorer)
3 N808849-S36 Screw (6 Req'd)
4 N805949-S36B Screw (2 Req'd)
5 04304 Instrument Panel Assembly
6 1006024 Glove Box
7 N803613-S Pushpin (1 Req'd)
8 N803362-S Rivet (2 Req'd)
9 04398 Instrument Panel Sound Insulation
10 385754-S36B Screw (2 Req'd)
11 044C92 Instrument Panel Finish Center Bracket
12 N807122-S411 Screw (12 Req'd)
13 N806886-S36 Nut (1 Req'd)
14 043A50 Instrument Panel Brace
15 N606677-S36 Screw (2 Req'd)
16 04810 Instrument Panel Ash Receptacle
17 N803876-S36 Screw (10 Req'd)
18 044D70 (Center) Instrument Panel Finish Panel
19 04371 Instrument Panel Radio Opening Panel
20 044D82 Instrument Panel Cover Access Cover
21 04459 Instrument Panel Steering Column Cover
22 017A28 Instrument Panel Steering Column Opening Cover Reinforcement
23 - Nut (2 Req'd)
24 044C86 Instrument Panel Steering Column Opening Center Reinforcement
25 N803877-S411 Screw (4 Req'd)
26 7A110 Transmission Control Selector Indicator
27 10849 Instrument Cluster
28 045D62 Instrument Panel Fuse Panel Opening Door
29 044D70 (Cluster) Instrument Panel Finish Panel
A - Tighten to 26-34 Nm
(20-25 Lb-Ft)
B - Tighten to 10-14 Nm
(7-10 Lb-Ft)
C - Tighten to 1-2 Nm
(9-18 Lb-In)
D - Tighten to 2-3 Nm
(18-26 Lb-In)

Air Plenum Chamber and Duct


Disconnect the battery ground cable(s).

Remove heater water hoses (18472) fromheater core (18476) and plug heater water hoses as described in this section.

Remove the heater plenum chamber case (18A484) .

Remove the remaining nuts which secure the heater air plenum chamber (18471) to the dash panel on the engine side of the panel.

In the passenger compartment, remove the instrument panel (04320)

Pull heater air plenum chamber rearward from the dash panel and remove from the vehicle

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