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97 chevy: Two brand new sets..delco wires were spark plugs

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My 97 chevy pickup seems to have to much voltage to the spark plugs. Two brand new sets of delco wires were arching and my spark plugs are glowing around the ceramic. Is there something thats supposed to limit the voltage ? THANKS
The voltage is determined by the coil-there is no limiting of voltage exept thru the resistance of the wires-corona arching at the plugs is getting to more common along with the creramic blowing out-you'll have to try another set of plugs and/or a different manufacture.As far as the wires.A direct oem a/c replacement wires have been preety reliable-is it possible that they are routed incorrectly or the root problem is the spark plugs .
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Frank's Post: what do you mean the ceramic blowing out?
Where you see the glowing is a Corona Arching caused by a bad seal of ceramic to metal.The 2 parts will seperate and blow the ceramic insulator out of the metal shell that is threaded into the head if the mechanical retention of theese 2 gets weak enoigh.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Frank's Post: Frank, thank you for your reply, could this cause a missfire?
A problem with ignition-electrical or a air/fuel mixture that is wrong can cause a missfire.Corona arcing usually will not.If #5 and 7 wires are routed agong side of each other they can cause a magntic feild and then spark can jump betwwen themCheck you plugs-deposits or impropper gap can cause a miss- a intake gasket that is sucking air can cause a miss-the poppet nozzles restricted or dirty on yor engine can cause a miss and bad engine grounds can cause a mss.You haven saids if you changed the distributor cap or rotor but you need to get a scanner and see what the cam off set is reading-you want +or 2 degrees from zero and its adjusted at 2000 rpm by turning the distributor.
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