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2003 infiniti G35: sedan..engine power steering

Customer Question

my 2003 infiniti G35 sedan has steering problems. when the car is stationary, but with the engine running, whenever i try to make a right or left turn (like when waiting to merge into traffic when coming out of a parking lot into traffic on the street, or when i try to reverse park the car), the steering is very hard to turn. seems as though the car has no power steering, only manual steering. it just happenned recently. i topped up the steering fluid, and it did nothing. problem still exists. any recommendations?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Paul replied 9 years ago.
The second thing to check is the drive belt.There are two belts download this info.This diagram shows the belt to check.Let me know if this solves the problem,and please remember to click accept.