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1998 Pontiac Bonneville: oil leak..oil changed..the gaskets..quart

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I have an oil leak in my 1998 Pontiac Bonneville. I was told by a tech when I went to have my oil changed that the gaskets probably needed to be replaced since I was losing oil and having to add a quart at least once a week. What I want to know is how much this will cost me and how long this will take? If someone can answer this question for me, I sure would appreciate it! Thanks!


There are literally dozens of gaskets on your engine, and each one takes a different amount of time to replace so the cost can vary by a huge amount. To answer your question, we need to know exactly which gasket(s) you are referring to....

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Steve7654's Post: It is the actual oil pan gasket itself was what I was told. I was told that the oil pan gasket needed to be replaced since that was where the leak was seen by the oil change technician.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Is there additional information that you need? If so, what is it?

On your engine, there is a GM technical service bulletin (#10-06-01-008A) describing a change to the sealing method for the oil pan if a leak should develop. The original design oil pan gasket is no longer used, when servicing the oil pan for leaks they now recommend using a different type of gasket and special GM RTV silicone adhesive material.

Parts and labor prices do vary from one shop to another, and from one area of the country to another. I can give you a general price for this repair, but the cost may vary somewhat depending on who does the repair in your area.

You will need a new oil pan gasket (GM #12587964; $55.53)

You will need a tube of the special silicone gasket material (around $20).

You will need new oil and filter (around $25)

The labor time required is 1.5 hours. At a median national labor rate of $75/hr, this would be about $112 in labor.

So, this repair typically should cost approximately $212 plus tax.

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