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99 mitsubishi galant: the timing belt..valves..jerks..speeds

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I have a 99 mitsubishi galant, the timing belt was just replaced aas well as four bent valves. Whe i got it back the car seems to be alot louder and jerks at speeds of 65+mph when i let off the gas. Also if i step on the gas to the floor it redlines before it will shift and take off. Why are these problems occuring? It ran fine before the timing belt went out and afteri had i replace it''s been running like crap. thanks Jon


how does it idle? Is the idle smooth, or does it seem rough or unstable?

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Steve7654's Post: the idle is fine but it does seem to run alittle higher in rpm's than it use to. At 70mph it runs around 3000rpms.

Well, if it were an engine related issue then idle quality should be affected here. If the cam timing was incorrect due to the belt being installed incorrectly the idle would surge. If the new valves were leaking, or if one of the old ones was damaged and missed during the repair, it would cause the idle to be rougher than normal. So, since teh idle quality is OK it is likely that the engine is operating normally.

All of the symptoms you describe are consistent with a fault related to the transmission. Why they are suddenly evident after an engine repair is anyone's guess... it could be that something transmission related was disturbed during the engine repair, but it is possibly coincidence.

Is your "check engine" light on?

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Steve7654's Post: no there are no lights on. do you think it would help if i took it in and them hook it up to a computer, or would that have nothing to do with it.

If the check engine light was on, that would be an indication also that the engine was running abnormally, but since it is not that indicates the engine is not likely to be the cause of the problem here. If the light is not on, there will be no fault information stored in computer memory.

From the description, it sounds as if your problems are originating in the transmission. I would suggest starting by checking the fluid level. IF the fluid is full, then you will need to take teh vehicle in to a mechanic that perfroms transmission disgnosis and repairs to be checked (this is a specialty that not all shpps do. You may want to seek out a transmission specialty shop, or try the Mitsubishi dealer which will ahve a trained transmission tech on staff). Checking the transmission for proper operation will involve perfroming some hydraulic testing (connecting a hydraulic pressure gauge to verious pressure ports on the transmission to check to see that internal mechanical components are getting the proper pressure to actuate) and also using scan equipment to check transmission control system operation. Since this type of testing does require special test equipment to check to see where the problem may be occurring, it is not really something you can check or repair yourself at home in the driveway (other than checking to make sure the fluid level is full).

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
would that cause the carr to run louder than it use to? Why would it come out of the shop running so much louder?
The louder sound is most likely he result of an exhaust leak, and unrelated to the other issues youa re describing. The exhaust must be disconnected from the engine to remove teh head for the valve repairs. If they did not assemble the exhaust correctly, or reinstalled old worn out exhaust parts, that would result in a leak and a louder sounding engine noise. It would be very unprofessional to send teh car back to the customer with an exhaust leaka fter a major repair, unless repair cost was an issue.