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obd reader..about 500 rpm runs ok sometimes idle drops then dies

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w/ timming light and/or obd reader the timming is not constant moves from 5 deg to 22 deg the engine is new about 700 miles idles about 500 rpm runs ok sometimes idle drops then dies

Hello . The final timing is set using a scan tool that has this ability, like the DRB the dealer uses.

The basic timing is set by getting the #1 piston at top dead center, setting the distributor rotor to point a the slot on the pick up plate and setting the distributor into the engine in roughly the same position is was from the factory. You may have to turn the oil pump to align with the drive spline on the Dist.

You determine #1 TDC by turning the motor over until air is forced out of the plug hole on the compression stroke . The engine is then turned until the marks on the damper is lined up with the pointer to 0.




Then the Dist. is turned to align the rotor to the pick-up plate slot . make sure the oil pump is aligned with the drive on the Dist. You can turn the oil pump with a screwdriver to align. then seat the dist. and verify alignment.

There is no timing specs because the computer can and does change this each revolution . We adjust the fuel sync using the scan tool and by turning the Dist. housing while the engine is running. There is a 20 deg window that is acceptable to the computer software,,But zero is the desired setting.

I hope this helps. If you have questions of need more info- just reply, Thanks Scott.

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