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2005 santa fe: I need a 30,000 maintenance done

Resolved Question:

I need a 30,000 maintenance done on my 2005 Sante Fe. What needs to get done and approx. how much should it cost? Thanks
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Robert replied 9 years ago.

Hi There!

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Below is a listing of what should be checked and replaced. The cost will be close but varies on location.

Inspect Air conditioner refrigerant$5.34
Replace Air conditioning filter$26.70
Replace Air filter$2.14
Inspect Automatic transmission fluid$1.07
Inspect Brake fluid$1.07
Inspect Brake lines, hoses & connections$1.07
Inspect Brakes, front$16.02
Inspect Brakes, rear$16.02
Flush/replace Coolant$37.38
Inspect Drive belt(s)$1.60
Inspect Drive shaft and boots$2.67
Change Engine oil$10.68
Inspect Exhaust system$2.67
Inspect Fuel filler cap & vapor hose$2.67
Inspect Fuel lines, hoses & connections$2.67
Replace Oil filter$5.34
Inspect Parking brake$2.67
Inspect Power steering pump, belt and hoses$5.34
Inspect Steering & suspension$5.34
Inspect Suspension links & mountings$5.34
Inspect Timing belt$1.60
Inspect Vacuum & crankcase ventilation hoses$2.67
Total EstimatedLabor Cost$158.06

Total Estimated Costs
Total Estimated Parts Cost For Your Area$52.65
Total Estimated Labor Cost For Your Area$158.06
Total Estimated Cost (excluding tax)*$210.71

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