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1997 gmc truck: stoped..4th gear..60mph cause its not in 4th, rpm is

Resolved Question:

As I have stated before my 1997 gnc truck's third and fourth gear little by little stoped entering,I would shut off foe a minute and they would enter,It did this for a time,I placed and had a programed conputer ,& expert at just answer told me the problems gmc has for 3rd&4th,and I took it to a transmission shop, the said fluid was clean, they changed the selonoids and some sensors.Third gear does enter as I help it a bit by letting my foot off acelerator. and it enters, but 4th gear is no where to be found,mechenic claims 4th enters, I don't feel it and can't go past 60mph cause its not in 4th, rpm is to hi.He also says I have to shut it off if i stop, and start again for the gears to enter, and claims it' the conputer or harness.Ihave even replaced it with old conputer but no dice, third does go in aftera while, please help.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  mastertechtim replied 9 years ago.
your problem is your ignition switch. replace it. there is a ignition output on the ignition switch that powers the solenoids in the transmission, its common for this part of the ignition switch to get burnt out.** every time you turn the key to run, inside the ignition switch a little spark is generated and over time the switch gets carboned up and causes your problem
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I have recived your answer and can tell you i can acept it,as once i was told by a mechanic about this but plainly kept it out of mind. I just want to ask one question, As I took it to a mechanic, the mech. father got me tostart a doubt.the young mech, tried to tell the pop that all you were saying that no electrical inpulses were being sens, but as we get older we become insisten. any way my question is what do you think. of all i have done & mech. has change(diffrent one)my selonoids,. did not discover any kind ofshavings. fluid clean. so the changes of selonoids were made, and your answer semms to be a direct one after all i've done,please give opinion about this.
Expert:  mastertechtim replied 9 years ago.
im really not sure what you are asking me. if your asking me if i think you changed those solenoids for nothing, my answer is unfortunately yes. i think lack of experience in this type of problem led them to replace the solenoids, although shift solenoids do go bad sometimes, just not in this case. hope this helps
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to mastertechtim's Post: I have acepted answer and have to e mail [email protected] cause there is an error and wont acept the payment. thanks