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honda accord LX: leaking oil drops on my garage floor..hood

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i have a manual honda accord LX 96 and it is leaking oil drops on my garage floor..the location where its leaking is directly underneath the this a expensive problem to fix??

Hi there,

It really depends on which part is leaking oil.

Are you able to look under the car and see what part is leaking?

If so, I can further help you narrow down your leak.



Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Derrick's Post: i dont kno much abouts cars,but its leaking from a metal thing that has 2 bolts underneath...also here's a little extra info that might help...last week i was driving to the store and as i was going across an avenue there was some sort of crack on the road or bump which i went over and it made a loud noise,so im guessin i probaly hit...and also juss this morning as i was taking off to school my chek engine light juss randomly turned on..have any idea where that oil is coming from?? or how to fix it??


Your oil pan is under the center of the engine, if you hit that on something, it could create an oil leak. It will most likely require replacement. The pan itself will cost about $100, and a shop will charge you a couple hours of labor at whatever labor rate to replace it.

I hope this helps!

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
can i get this pan at any auto parts shop or do ihave to go to the dealer?? ...ive been investigating with other people and alot have told me that i jus need to change the transmission oil to a heavier kind is this true??( ps. my car has 191,000 mls) can i tell for sure if my problem is due to that bump i hit or if its juss cause of high mileageA???

Aftermarket should make one for it, just call around to Carquest, Napa, Kragen, or Autozone.

Well, a leak is a result of something not sealing, not the weight of fluid you are using.

At almost 200K miles, it is normal to have some leaks, and they are just something you need to take care of.

The only way to tell is to get under the car, and look to see where the oil is coming from. Look to the highest point that the oil is leaking, and that is your leak.

I hope this helps!

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