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1995 Lincoln town car fuel pump relay problems. Throws fits ...

Customer Reply

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
1995 Lincoln town car fuel pump relay problems. Throws fits and won't start. I usually can pull the relay and reinsert it or replace it with a new relay and it will fire up for awhile till it throws another one of its' fits. I tried the usual routine again this time but it still won't fire. Any suggestions. PS I've had this thing in three or four shops since we've owned it and no one can solve the problem. Sometimes you can just let it sit and go out the next morning and it will fire right up. This has also happened when we've had to have it towed in a time or two. Get it to the shop and it'll decide to start.HELP!!
Expert:  DCM replied 9 years ago.
Hello and thank you for using JA.

I'm assuming there is no issue on the pump it self and idnition system is good.

There is only two way of fixing the issue, and the shop is not the answer.
The issue has to be brought to certified automobile electrical station have them fix the issue, because most of the mechanics knows to trouble shoot mechanicaly but when it comes to electrical its a huge challenge for them.

The second way on fixing this is to run a new wire from any available power line
from fuse box then to a new relay, connect it to the starter and the other end to ignition switch. This way, if there is a short on the existing wire, you can save the car from fire if you use the exisling line and just by pass the relay, I'm thinking there is a short on the line and puting the system on safe mode due to the line supplies the fuel pump, and avoiding the fuel to catch any sparks or fire.

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
DCM To make sure I understand you right I should go to the fuse box rh side on Lincoln and run a new wire to the existing relay box on drivers side and tap into fuel relay circuit and add new relay then run wire to the ignition switch. Have I got that right>
Expert:  DCM replied 9 years ago.
No! ignore the existing wire and run a new one this way if there is a short on the existing one, it will be avoided.

hmmmm how can I explain this on the easy way.

Ok let me tell you the concept of fuel pump to ignition switch.

Fuel pump has two postive power line, reason being is becaue when you turn the ignition switch to crank the engine, one of the power line is live the other is not, now when the engine start the firs one supply the power goes off and the other on goes on.

So to run a new wire to the fuel pump, you'll need to get a live wire from the ignition switch on crank position, then conenct it to a existing fuse for fuel pump while the existing wire is remove, (if this is not possible) just get a wire with the fuse on it and install the same amp as the existing one. From the fuse to fuel relay, you can use the existing one as well but remove the existing wire, if this is not possible, then buy a relay housing and install it there, from the relay to the fuel pump.

Other way to do this to make it easier, but I don't recomend it this way.

Install a new switch, run a wire from any live wire that is always on, (you can find one on the steering column) from the live wire to the fuse then fuse to switch then switch to fuel pump. If you decide on doing this than the first one, ( it will be hard in the beginning only) Always remember to turn it on when you need it and turn it off when you don't need it.

(Some people like the second way due to the fact that it's additional security for the car, what they do is hide the switch, so in case of car jack the fuel pump is off and car wont' start unless they know where is the switch.)