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Andy, ASE Certified Technician
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2000 Volvo S40 Turn Signal Problem - Sporatically ...

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
2000 Volvo S40 Turn Signal Problem - Sporatically I''ll put either side''s turn signal on and it won''t work and sometime there is a chatter sound (like relay chatter). I changed the flasher relay but no help. If it does not work (chatter or no chatter sound) and I tap the hazard flasher button, the turn signal will start flashing properly. Sometime I have to actually engange and dis-engage the hazard flasher light several times for the turn signal to stay on and keep flashing. Any ideas?


This is a fairly common failure caused by the hazard switch. Here is how to replace it, it is rather simple:

Replacing warning lamp switch

  • Remove the knobs from the heater control; insert a small screwdriver at the rear edge under each knob.
  • Remove the heater control panel (insert two fingers into the opening and carefully pull out the control panel).
  • Remove the two upper mounting screws (torx) for the heater control panel.

Carefully pry out the ventilation vents with a small screwdriver.

  • Press the catches on the panel downwards from the inside using a screwdriver. Pull the panel forward slightly.
  • Press in the two retaining clips on the switch. Pull the switch out backwards.
  • Disconnect the connector.

Reinstall the components in reverse order.


If this helps, please remember to click "Accept". If you need further assistance, let me know. Thanks!

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Andy's Post: I assume I'll need to get the replcment Hazard switch/button directly from a Volvo dealer vs. secondary market? Even though the hazards have never given be a problem, this somehow ties to the turn signal actuation?
I am not sure if there is an aftermarket part available. I think the Volvo part is around $40. The S40 does not have a flasher relay, the hazard switch acts as the flasher to control turn signals.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Andy's Post: I know I changed a relay (1 inch square with 3 prongs) out down under the dash in the bottom left which was related to the turn singnals. When I pulled it they did not work, when I replaced it the did.

Yes, but that relay does not act as the flasher. The flasher is in the hazard switch, which then controls the relay.

I've replaced about a half-dozen hazard switches for the same concern you are having which is why I am confident it will solve your turn signal problems.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Andy's Post: This is my first timeon this site. It seems great. Can I get a relay this week and give it a try. If it works for me I'll get back with you and even give you a couple bucks extra and of course positive feedback.

Certainly, I have no problems with you wanting to make sure my answer is correct.

Keep in mind it is not a relay... if you say relay at the parts counter they might not know what you are talking about because it's more commonly known as the hazard switch. According to the program I am using, the OEM part number is XXXXX but part numbers can change multiple times so that may not be accurate. Just mentioning hazard switch should be enough, they should have no issues finding it and may even have it in stock for you.


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Ok I'll do it! Thanks.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I order the part the other day. It came in today. About $45 with tax. I installed in in about 20 minutes. So far so good. I think that got it! I'll proceed with payment. Thanks again.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.

I have a quick follow-up question. The day after I did the replacement I noticed that my A/C & Heater Control Panel knobs (fan, direction & temp) are nolonger illuminating at night? All three are out. All of instruments, dials, etc. are illuminated. All other car functions, accessories, lights, etc are working fine as well? Could I have done something when I removed and replaced the panel? Thanks
Hmm... not very likely. Are you sure those knobs ever lit up? I'll take a look at one tomorrow at work if I get a second.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
A month or so ago my Fan speed knob (light) was out but the other two knobs (direction & temp) were on. A few days later it was back on and has been ever since, up until I did the Hazard Switch change out the other day It was the next day after the switch changeout when I was driving at night and all 3 knobs were out. The A/C button, Recirc and Defrost push-buttons right below them are all working and lighting. It's the weirdest thing. I look at the center dash area at night when I am driving and it's black. Maybe it's just a coinsidence.
I looked into it, and there isn't really anything you could have done. It is more likely a coincidence. The bulbs can be removed after removing the climate control unit. Just pop the faceplate back off and you'll see the screws holding it in. Make sure the key is out of the ignition when you disconnect the module.