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My 2002 Mazda MPV has the O/D light flashing. It also is ...

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My 2002 Mazda MPV has the O/D light flashing. It also is shifting very rough from 1st to 2nd to 3rd (haven''t driven fast enough to go into 4th). The owner''s manual says when the O/D light is flashing, there is an electrical problem with the transaxle.

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There is a service Bullentin you should be aware of. The vehicle will most likely have to be scanned with a reader to find the issue, at least now you are aware of the bullentin which should be taken care of if it is the issue, I hope this helps.

US BULLETIN No: 05-001/04DATE: 04/2004
APPLIES TO: 2002-2004 MPVAFFECTED VINs: Lower than JM3 LW**** 40 518096
SUBJECT: Shift Shock - Transmission Control Module (TCM) Reflash
BULLETIN NOTES: This bulletin supersedes the following TSB(s): 05-11/02. Please update your records accordingly.

The vehicle's automatic transaxle (ATX) may exhibit shift shock while the engine warms from cold to normal operating temperature. The symptom is intermittent, it does not occur all the time. The shift shock usually occurs during 1-2 or 2-3 upshifts, or 3-2 part throttle downshifts.

In most cases, the cause of the shift shock is from the TRANSMISSION CONTROL MODULE (TCM) software calibration. A new software calibration is available on ESI to correct the shifting concerns.

Customers having this concern should have their vehicle repaired according to the following repair procedure.


Inspect the vehicle for a "Port Campaign" rework sticker affixed to the underside of the hood.


  • If a "Port Campaign" rework sticker with the number "04/B0/02" is affixed to the hood, the TCM Re-flash has already been performed at the port. DO NOT re-flash the TCM. Use WDS, NGS (in generic mode) or ground the TAT terminal in DLC #)1 to check for DTCs and repair the ATX according to the workshop manual.
  • If there is no "Port Campaign" rework sticker affixed to the hood, perform the TCM Re-flash. Proceed to the "REPAIR PROCEDURE".
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