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I have a 1998 GMC Jimmy and the windshield wipers are not ...

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I have a 1998 GMC Jimmy and the windshield wipers are not working properly. I believe there is a recall for this but it only covers up to 1997 Jimmy''s. Further, I''ve read that it''s the wiper motor and that it''s just the wiper circuit. What is the easiest, quickest, cheapest way to fix this problem. Thanks so much. Gayle
Replace the wiper board module and retest. That's what usually goes bad when the wipers act up.
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Okay, replace the wiper board module and retest. That's all I get? How about why and what the cost might be, if it's something that I have to take to a repair service business, how about why this and not the motor??? My original question eluded to a wiper motor or wiper circuit ... I never mentioned a wiper board module. What is a wiper board module? I'll accept this as it is an answer such as it is, but I would have appreciated more information and gladly provided bonus money for it. Wow, it took you more typing to ask for bonus money than to answer my question. I am a 53 year old woman who has to explain all this to her husband and I assure you his first question to me will be "Why?". So I'm reply with that question to you, "Why?"
I am going to reply before I click accept so I don't lose this opportunity, but I assure you I will accept and gladly pay bonus $s for a more detailed answer.
Sorry for the short reply...been busy here at work. The circuit boards or wiper module covers depending on who you ask or what parts catalog you look in are the usual suspects whenever there is a speed loss or failure, wipers don't turn off, washer inop or pulse inop. The contacts inside the board/module become worn and as a result the wipers become erratic or inop. 9 times out of 10 it's the wiper board/module and not the motor as the module receives the signal from the switch and interprets this signal. All the wiper motor does is rotate per request.