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Mazda Ed
Mazda Ed, Auto Service Technician
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Mazda B2000: 000 miles..the engine just quits --intermittent

Customer Question

Mazda B2000 1986 260,000 miles. Runs OK. Driving along and have had some points where the engine just quits --intermittent. It would run OK for a week. A few days ago I am driving and the engine quit. Period, no start. Towed it home and tried to start it a variety of times. No luck. Here is what has been done (1) Fresh gas in tank, (no water either) (2) Fuel filter clean and pases fuel.(3) Fuel pump delivers a good flow (4) Distributor cap, rotor, wires, and new plugs put in and properly gapped.(5) All hoses and wires are connected where they should be. (6) Timing seems to be OK. When I try to start it, the engine turns over well and there is very good spark. It sounds like it is starting and the cylinders begin to fire and it seems as though it is starting, but as soon as the key is released it stops. It does not run on for a moment, it just stops immediately when the key is released. If I hold the key on it sounds as though it has fully started and will kick the starter out
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Mazda Ed replied 9 years ago.


When it does not start can you keep it running with starting fluid?

When it happens, does it seem like engine temperature makes any difference?


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Mazda Ed's Post: I will get the starter fluid and see what happens. As far as temperature dependent, I don't think it is.

By the way, it may take a day or two-my wife and I are both disabled and without any public transportation, it takes a little longer to get to an autoparts store or a stop and shop to get the materials. Will get back to you as soon as the test is done. Thanks. Mike
Expert:  Mazda Ed replied 9 years ago.
Ok, I will await your response.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Mazda Ed's Post: When the rain finally quit I was able to get to the truck. I had the engine cranking over and shot starter fluid down the carb throat. I continued to shoort the starter fluid to see if it would run or at least do a bit of turning over by itself. As soon as the key was released everything stopped. We could not make it run on starter fluid, so I guess that may give the fuel side a possible OK and put the problem in the engine itself or electrical?
Expert:  Mazda Ed replied 9 years ago.

Are you absolutely certain you have good spark on all cylinders? If so, try removing the plugs and make sure they are not wet from possible flooding. If they check out ok I would perform an engine compression test next. It would seem that we have ruled out fuel and spark so engine compression a logical choice.

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Ed, thanks for your help. It has reached the point where I cannot pursue the problem at this time. I am going to give you the $$ for your help so far.

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