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Max, VW Shop Foreman
Category: Car
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Experience:  VW certified lead technician, ASE certified Master Technician, 10 years experience
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We have a 2000 VW New Beetle 2.0 it has a bad water pump ...

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We have a 2000 VW New Beetle 2.0 it has a bad water pump ..I have heard nothing but horror stories about replacing it...any sugestions...Thanks Gary Mc.

Good evening Gary,

The water pump on this vehicle is not too bad, these who say it is a horror story are exaggerating slightly. The following steps need to be taken to remove the pump.

1. Remove the ribbed belt. Compress the tensioner and remove the belt. Remove the ribbed belt tensioner.

2. Remove the upper timing belt cover.

3. Align your timing belt marks. The following pictures are for the cam timing mark, the flywheel timing mark for an automatic, flywheel timing for a manual and the marks on the harmonic balancer.





4. loosen the timing belt. There is a 13mm head nut that keeps the tensioner in place. Loosen this nut and turn the tensioner clockwise to get come slack in the belt. You are going to need a tool to get tension back on the belt. I use the tool pictured (picture of how to tension the belt) but know of people using snap ring pliers to rotate the tensioner.


Above picture shows the belt being tensioned. Go in reverse to loosen.

5. Slip the timing belt off of the cam drive sprocket and off of the water pump.

6. Remove the water pump retaining bolts pictured and remove the water pump. The pump can often be stuck in place. A screwdriver carefully used can help in getting the pump


7. Moisten the o-ring with coolant before installing the new pump. Install the new pump.

8. Install the belt and tension as shown in the picture attached above. Turn the engine over by hand through a full revolution of the cam gear. Re-check the timing marks. The marks will often be off, don't be discouraged by this, it happens to everyone. If the marks are off loosen the belt and slip it the amount of teeth needed to align the marks.

9. Install the items taken off during the removal of the pump, fill the system with coolant and start the engine. The system will pretty much bleed itself out as it reaches operating temperature.

These instructions are for an AEG motor which was in the 2000 Beetle. If you have an AVH the instructions are the same. Good luck and if you need father information, please ask. Max

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Thanks Max is an AEG motor.. Great advice..makes it a little easier to understand what the heck is going on in there.. Gary Mc.