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Torque specs chevy tahoe 1999 5.7 head gasket

Resolved Question:

torque specs chevy tahoe 1999 5.7 head gasket
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Bob replied 9 years ago.
Hello, to do this job, you will need to rent an angle torque wrench. This is a tool that measures the amount of degrees that the head bolt has been turned and it is how the factory wants them torques down now. If you just try to go with foot pounds, you could end up with a problem because it will change the amount of stretchy is on the bolts. Many auto parts stores will rent you the tool and if you have an Auto Zone close by, they have a loan a tool program, all you need to do is leave a deposit. Are you sure you have a 5.7 and not a 5.3 motor? Are you sure the truck is a 99? Let me know so I can get you the correct information from the GM service manual. Thanks
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Bob's Post: We know that this is a 1999 Chevy Tahoe with a 5.7. The Chilton manual showed the torquing sequence with 15 and we have a 17 bolt head.

p.s. I'm writing this for my incredibly frustrated husband and you are saving the day. He didn't know that he needed an angle torque wrench. Thanks, Kelly
Expert:  Bob replied 9 years ago.

This should be what you need. The special tool that they mention is the angle torque wrench. Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom. He will also need a class 2 scan tool to set the timing, because a timing light won't do the job. If he had the distributor out, the cam retard needs to be set to get the timing right. Let me know. Thanks

  • Apply sealant GM P/N 12346004 or equivalent to the threads of the cylinder head bolts.

    Notice: Use the correct fastener in the correct location. Replacement fasteners must be the correct part number for that application. Fasteners requiring replacement or fasteners requiring the use of thread locking compound or sealant are identified in the service procedure. Do not use paints, lubricants, or corrosion inhibitors on fasteners or fastener joint surfaces unless specified. These coatings affect fastener torque and joint clamping force and may damage the fastener. Use the correct tightening sequence and specifications when installing fasteners in order to avoid damage to parts and systems.

  • Install the cylinder head bolts.

    Tighten the bolts in sequence on the first pass to 30 N·m (22 lb ft).

    Object Number: 500687  Size: SH

  • Use the J 36660-A in order to tighten the cylinder head bolts in sequence on the second pass.


    Tighten the long bolts (1, 2, 5, 6, 9, 10, and 13) on the second pass in sequence to 75 degrees.
    Tighten the medium bolts (14 and 17) on the second pass in sequence to 65 degrees.
    Tighten the short bolts (3, 4, 7, 8, 11, 12, 15, and 16) on the second pass in sequence to 55 degrees.

  • Customer: replied 9 years ago.
    Thank you Bob, is there a conversion from angle to foot pounds, since we cannot find an angle torch wrench in Grand Rapids, Michigan? We tried Auto Zone as you suggested, Sears, and Carquest.
    Expert:  Bob replied 9 years ago.
    Small world. My family is from Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Wyoming and all around that area. I do not know of a conversion chart for doing what you need done, but I have a fellow who has access to a manual that may give it that way, but I do not know how long it may take me to get ahold of him. Let me see what I can do and I will get back to you as soon a possible.
    Expert:  Bob replied 9 years ago.

    Got lucky. I found it in foot pounds for you

    Cylinder Head Bolt (Optional On-Vehicle Strategy)

    • First Pass in Sequence

    35 N·m

    26 lb ft

    • Second Pass in Sequence

    60 N·m

    44 lb ft

    • Final Pass in Sequence

    90 N·m

    66 lb ft

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