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1996 plymouth grand voyager 3.3L no start no spark. It does ...

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1996 plymouth grand voyager 3.3L no start no spark. It does have fuel and injector drive. I don't think the computer is grounding out the wires to the coil pack. Cam and crank sensors working properly.
If you are getting good inputs from the cam and crank sensors, but no spark -- and you have power to the coil pack, it sure sounds like the ignition driver circuit in the PCM may not be working.

But the other possibility is a bad ASD (automatic shurtdown) relay.

The PCM supplies battery voltage to the ignition coil through the Auto Shutdown Relay. The PCM also controls the ground circuit for the ignition coil. By switching the ground path for the coil ON and OFF, the PCM adjusts ignition timing to meet changing engine operating conditions.

I would check the ASD relay, and if it appears to be passing voltage to the coil pack, I would then use a NOID light to see if the PCMN is pulsing the coil circuit. No ground pulses from the PCM would mean a bad PCM driver circuit. Replace the PCM.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
we do have injector pulse with the NOID light, but only when cranking
Use the NOID light to check the coil driver circuit too. That should tell you if the PCM is switching the coils on and off.

The injector driver circuit and the ignition circuits are separate circuits in the PCM.
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