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95 subaru legacy: coolant leak..the car around town. it overheated

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my 95 subaru legacy has had a coolant leak. i had a scheduled appt. to get it thoroughly looked at & mended, but was still using the car around town. it overheated while a friend was using it -- she pulled over and waited, but did not add coolant. predictably 5 minutes later when she took off again, the car smoked up & died. i was looking at the car today to see if i can't at least get it to start to avoid a tow. the engine turns over a little, but refuses to start. although, it could be the battery etc, i'm assuming it's a result of the overheating & not adding coolant. also, the oil dipstick is showing no oil, which was not the case a week ago. i only has a quart to add, which did not register. so -- any help about where to start to get it to start & to a mechanic?
An engine that is starting to run hot will start to break down and consume the oil. This is probably why the oil level is so low. Usually at this point, internal damage to the engine may have already been done. If the motor is turning over slowly, the bearings or rings may be tight, do to lack of lubrication. You can try to add the proper amount of oil and filling the coolant and trying to start it again. You may have to hook up a battery charger to get enough energy to turn the motor over. Don't try to start it until the oil is filled back up, though, and after you get it to the shop, have an oil/ oil filter change performed to get the old, burned oil out of the motor. Also, don't be surprised if the motor makes a knocking noise in the lower end when it does get started.

Good luck, and let me know if you have any more questions!
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
thanks, XXXXX XXXXX help. i'll give it a shot see what happens.
Yeah, good luck with your Subaru! These are tough little motors, and you may be ok. It still does turn over, so that's a positive! Just let me know if you need any more help!