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2005 gmc envoy: I want to change my power steering fluid

Customer Question

I want to change my power steering fluid in my 2005 gmc envoy but can not find the procedure in the book. Can you help.
Submitted: 9 years ago via ChiltonDIY.
Category: Car
Expert:  Bob replied 9 years ago.

Hello, GM does not list a procedure for changing the power steering fluid. They only list a procedure for bleeding the system when fluid needs to be added. There are a lot of places that do a power steering fluid flush, but they have a machine similar to a cooling system service machine that pumps in new fluid as the old fluid is pumped out. With out having the benefit of one of these machines, the best a person can do is to remove a hose from the power steering and drain the fluid out that way. Then fill the system and bleed it per GM instructions. The lower in the system the hose is that you remove, the more fluid you will be able to get out.


Document ID#(NNN) NNN-NNNN
2005 GMC Truck Envoy - 4WD

Power Steering System Bleeding


    Use clean, new power steering fluid type only. See the Maintenance and Lubrication subsection for fluid specifications.
    Hoses touching the frame, body or engine may cause system noise. Verify that the hoses do not touch any other part of the vehicle.
    Loose connections may not leak, but could allow air into the steering system. Verify that all hose connections are tight.


    Important: Power steering fluid level must be maintained throughout bleed procedure.

  1. Fill pump reservoir with fluid to minimum system level, FULL COLD level, or middle of hash mark on cap stick fluid level indicator.

    Important: With hydro-boost only, the oil level will appear falsely high if the hydro-boost accumulator is not fully charged. Do not apply the brake pedal with the engine OFF. This will discharge the hydro-boost accumulator.

  2. If equipped with hydro-boost, fully charge the hydro-boost accumulator using the following procedure:
    2.1. Start the engine.
    2.2. Firmly apply the brake pedal 10-15 times.
    2.3. Turn the engine OFF.
  3. Raise the vehicle until the front wheels are off the ground.
  4. Key on engine OFF, turn the steering wheel from stop to stop 12 times.

    Vehicles equipped with hydro-boost systems or longer length power steering hoses may require turns up to 15 to 20 stop to stops.

  5. Verify power steering fluid level per operating specification.
  6. Start the engine. Rotate steering wheel from left to right. Check for sign of cavitation or fluid aeration (pump noise/whining).
  7. Verify the fluid level. Repeat the bleed procedure, if necessary.

Document ID#(NNN) NNN-NNNN
2005 GMC Truck Envoy - 4WD