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96 acura: code comes..ignition system..misfire..spark plug wires

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hi i have a 96 acura integra and the code comes up p1381 manufactuer control ignition system or misfire. i thought it might be spark plug wires and spark plugs. replaced both and light still comes on. what else can i try or do?


This is the Acura OBDII code definition for p1381:

P1381Cylinder Position Sensor Intermittant Inturruption


You need to check the CKP/CYP sensor(crank position sensor).

It is located under the cam sprocket. To access the timing belt cover need to be removed. Check that connector is good. Also, check that camshaft seal is leaking oil onto the sensor. Disconnect the harness connector and check for 5v at connector with ign. off and key in on position. If 5v present, replace sensor. If 5v absent, you will need to check wiring for short

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
yes the code number is XXXXX but says manufacurers control ignition system or misfire


That is an generic code definition- the one I gave you is Acura's P01381 code definition. It is from Acura.