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Matt Kesler
Matt Kesler, Auto Mechanic
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GM key Codes

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I need to obtain vehicle key codes for late model GM products. My License# XXXXX XXXXX and my ALOA # XXXXX XXXXX My name isXXXXX
I'd suggest the on-line key code software from Blackhawk.

The software is dirt cheap, only $59.00 per year, and you can even access it on a WAP enabled cell phone which saves having to carry a laptop if you need some info on the fly.

I started subscribing in January since we've always gotten a number of lock-out calls from regulars and used to refer them to a locksmith friend of mine. He retired this year so I figured it best I get licensed and I use this software for the codes.
Matt Kesler, Auto Mechanic
Category: Car
Satisfied Customers: 2734
Experience: ASE Certified - 20+ Years Experience
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I contacted Blackhawk codes and they do not supply Gm key codes from the VIN#. Just who does and where can I contact them.
Other than contacting a local GM Dealer I'm not sure so I'm going to OPT-OUT and allow another expert to help.
there is no longer a way to get key codes. Must go through dealer. They must fill out a form with all vehicle info, proof of ownership, photo id. of owner. then the GM system fax's key codes. This wass chnged about 1 year ago to prevent theft. I could not even get keys cut for my brother 3 months ago, and i work for a GM dealer!. They are VERY carefull with this procedure. Dealers can get ito big trouble if they try to get around this procedure.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Matt Kesler's Post: Answer really did not help since I know that in California licensed locksmiths can obtain key codes from General Motors. I need to know how I also can obtain them since I am also a licensed locksmith.