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How does a thermostat on a marine inboard/outboard ...

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How does a thermostat on a marine inboard/outboard work? Does the water circulating transfer heat from engine to water prior to flushing it out?
It works almost exactly like a car except the water coming in is always cool. Where as the water in your car gets hot and stays hot in tha radiator. The marine engine gets water from the lake then it sits in the engine till it gets hot. The water soaks up the heat from the engine and then once hot the thermostat opens and allows the hot water to be expelled and the new water which is cool to enter and do it all over again.
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Customer: replied 10 years ago.
You confirmed my understanding...if there is not a thermostat in place, then will the water simply keep moving thru and never sit in engine to soak up the heat?..seems like the engine will not get cooled if thermostat is missing entirely..

If the thermostat is gone the engine will always run cool which will lower the engine life and performance. In a auto if you take out the thermostat you will actually over time overheat because the water in the radiator needs a chance to cool off while the thermostat is closed waiting for the water in the engine to get to hot. In a boat the water incoming is always cool so no thermostat will not overheat the engine but decrease the life and power.

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