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Do you have a basic wiring diagram for a four stroke motor ...

Customer Question

Do you have a basic wiring diagram for a four stroke motor bike with electric start. (No lights, no accessaries just get the engine running?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  ....... replied 9 years ago.

What is the engine you are trying to get started?

They vary slightly in their simplicity, and Japenese motor have a slightly different situation than a Harley...
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Brian's Post: Brian,
The machine is actually a chinese 50cc quad, It has no brand name a dog has demolished the original wiring.
I have a coil with 2 wires at one end and spark plug the other, The crank case has a loom coming from it with five wires 1: green 2: red-black stripe 3: yellow 4: Blue-white stripe 5 white.
I figure the wires will be for ground, power to coil, power from ignition and ????? I just want to get the motor to run no fancy bit just the starter motor and ignition.
Thanks Customer
Expert:  ....... replied 9 years ago.

Tht is what I mean, a basic diagram would do you nothing in this case.

Your thinking is right but the ones I have worked on are a bit different.

Generally there are three yellow wires for your stator/charging system, that has to have three wires. I think you may need to look into the other side of the plug coming from the motor to see/verify that they are all yellow.

Your pick-up coil/ignition will have two & those are probably your red/black & green.

Your ignition is not in the motor and it is all grounded through the battery so none of them are grounds. They pretty much are pick up coil and stator wires, maybe a coolant temp sensor, or crank position sensor too, but 5 wires would be 3 for the stator(all stators have 3) & 2 for the pick up.

You will have to chase them & find out the components they are attached to or possibly contact a selling dealer of that scooter to see if they can get you the color codes & component list. It would not suprise me one bit though if the colors were different from one scooter to the next.

Unfortunately you will need to do a lot of te lg work your self here
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Yes you are right I am aware of the work require, if i had a drawing"maybe an electric start ride on lawn mower?" this would give me an idea were the wires go once i establish which is what.
Thank for your help you have clarified some of my querries.
Expert:  ....... replied 9 years ago.

A diagram/shematic that isn't for that bike will not help you because it won't be for that bike's specific system. A basic system can have one of four types of inition systems.

The stator wires & the pickup wires all go into the left side engine cover, other than that let me know what you have & what part of the bike they go.

What part of the harness was chewed through, where on the scooter?

What components have their wires cut, or where are they located?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I got the information i required else where didn't cost me a cent
Thank 4 ur time
Expert:  ....... replied 9 years ago.

Good I hope it helps. Thanks for skipping out on some free info.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I aggreed to pay $15.00 for the little bit of info from you and forwarded my credit details to "Just Answer" so you take up your financial woes with them. Did not skip out at all!
Thanks Again.
Expert:  ....... replied 9 years ago.
Since you didn't accept the answer you have only paid a deposit which I'm not sure of the amount. It is quite simply a good thing that I don't have you as a customer locally, then I would have recourse. Good luck with your Chinese made pile. It's really ok, now maybe you could save your money and buy something worth owning. Like a Honda, or a Suzuki, something from a reputable company.

And yes, you did skip out on getting your monies worth here, you didn't give enough information to get you a complete answer yet, then ignored my questions thinking a "basic" schematic would help. I have 5 different "basic" schematics. Good riddance, some people just can't be helped.

Thank you