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Just recently my car wont shift out of park...release button

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Just recently my car wont shift out of park. It takes many tries of pushing the brake and shift button. Tonight I had to use the manual release button. Also, around the same time, I was having trouble getting the key out of the ignition, but lately it has been fine. What part do I need to replace, and how do I get to it?

Hello and welcome. A common cause for this is a solenoid

in the center console/shifter assembly. The slenoid sticks and wont release the shift interlock. Sometimes water, juice, pop can get spilled in ther also. you can remove the upper shift plate, spray wd-40 around the solenoid (on the left front of lower shifter). Sometimes that will free it up.

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
ok, this is what i have heard alot (a solenoid). do you know what the part would be called (if i were to walk into murray's looking for the part)?   also, what is the upper shift plate, is that somewhere under the center console? thanks

graphic t is called 'shift lock control solenoid'(first pic). Under shifter plate. Move shifter to neutral, remove clip on shift handle to remove handle. Open armrest lid, remove screws, then carefully pull up on it to release retainers that go all around. Here are a few pics to help.




Customer: replied 9 years ago.

Sorry to make you really work on this one. I as per the 2nd diagram, I opened the armrest lid but cannot see access to any screws. If I look between the opening when I open the cupholder, I can see the end of a single screw in the center. However, it shows there are two screws on the sides, and there is no way for me to access the screw in the center anyways. Is there something else I have to remove in order to get to these screws?

If there are not 2 screws right on top, under the lid that hold down the shift plate, then you need to remove the box compartment by getting hands underheith the compartment box from the rear, pull that up and out,(see pic) then pull shifter trim plate off. These can be very tricky, and feel liike the shifter plate will not come off. Just need to be careful. Its Not hard to break any trim pieces.



Customer: replied 9 years ago.
ok, i actually already removed that compartment. so then there are no screws to remove? it seems rock solid at the part right where the lid opens

I am trying to think of anything that is not in these pics. That shifter plate should just pull off if no screws under the lid, with cupholder open..With the car not in front of me, using paast experience and pics as reference. I would like to say that it is just stuck, but i dont want you to break anything. Look carefully at where the shifter plate is under the lid. With compartment removed, then the plate will have to come up. Several retainers all around the plate.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
awesome thanks so much for the help. just in case you want to know, it does just pull off with some caressing, and the WD-40 made my shifter buttery smooth!
Caressing and Butery smooth! I like those words. Glad to help.