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DoctorD, Auto Service Technician
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1999 Chrysler LHS wont start

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Driving car and turned lights on, heard a clunking sound (seemed as if car died and started again while driving). Since this time the car will not start at certain times, we wait a while and then it starts. We move shifting lever back and forth and then into park, it starts (not sure if there is any significance to this manuver). This went on for about a month. Now, it will not start at all. I replaced all fuses on the left of the dashboard) Any suggestions, we are a bit desperate to get it going.
Thank You
CW Hill
When you have this no-start, does the engine not even spin over(no crank)? Or is it that she cranks over fine but just does not start(fire up)?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to DoctorD's Post: The car does not turn over (crank) Sometimes all the dash lights come on and the windows work and most of the time only the little light showing the door is open.
A friend put a battery tester on it and said the battery was fully charged. I wasn't there, he did it for my wife while she had the car out of town
Incidently, I will authorize the payment. And if it works, I will increase it. Not to intice, but simply to say Thank You
Charles W. Hill
I assume its not starting at all still. I would like you to perform a simple operation first. I would like you to locate and switch the "starter relay" with another to rule this out.
If there is a relay on the "spare" then lets swap with that, otherwise lets swap out with the "Wiper relay" Plus when you reply let me know if you have a test light and/or a voltmeter. And if you here any audible clicking when you try to start. Below is the illustration of the relay box located in your engine area under the hood.
DoctorD and 10 other Car Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
First, I want to thank you again for your assistance. Second, do I accept now and authorize the payment or after we finish. I authorized $15 however, I wish to authorize more.
I switched the starter relay with the wiper relay and it still does not start. Second, when I turn the key on there is a clicking in this module box where the relay switch is, not a clicking from undrneath such as the starter clicking. I have a volt meter, however, to be honest I'm not quite sure I know how to work it. But, I'm sure I can figure it out. Also with the key on the small indicator lights come on (flickering) such as door open, etc.
Just a side question of interest, what is the automatic shut down relay?
Looking forward to your reply
Charles W. Hill
Hi Charles,
First on the accept issue, When you actually click "accept" that is what releases the funds to the expert. Right now the funds are in your account and not spent until you accept. Many times a customer may accept multiple times if the expert is performing a tough and lengthly diagnosis but that decision is totally up to you. I can voice for all the experts on this site that we do not want the customer to release funds unless our answers are helpful and satisfactory to you. With that said lets move on.
Your question on the ASD relay(auto shut down relay), This relay provides the power to the fuel system of the engine. This is a common no-start culprit but the result would be an engine that cranks over but does not fire, or start. So we will rule this relay out of or problem.
You have assured me that the battery has been tested and has charge, Have you tried to jump start the vehicle? I am just a bit worried as low battery charge will cause the symptoms that you have stated, especially with dash lights flickering and such. If you have another vehicle available to you I would like for you to give a jump start a try. Is the battery very young? less then 2 years old?
Next if you have available an assistant, I would like you to place your fingers on that starter relay that we are working with previously and have your assistant toggle the ignition key to start (on and off) Tell me if you can feel the relay clicking as the ignition goes to start.
I am trying to perform visual and sound diagnosis first and after this we will need to get your multimeter out and check some voltage readings at various components.
So please provide me with responses to the above inspections and then we will carry forward.
Talk to you soon, -Russ
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Doctor D,
There seemed to be no 'clicking' sound when we turned the key and tried to start I placed my finger on the starter relay. However, earlier this afternoon there was a clicking sound from that relay box but I was not sure where it was coming from.

Then, I went out to jump the car just a little while ago (7:19pm our time) with my work van and it started. However, the "Check Engine" light remains on.
I turned the engine off and it will not start again. Thought I would try jumping it again and let you know if it starts again.

My wife tells me the friend that tried to jump the car did so with a small battery charger. That same batter charger had a reading that the battery was fully charged.
Hopefully, and I trust, maybe we are closer to the problem remedy.
Anyway thanks and I wait to here from you again.
Charles W. Hill
Lets install a new battery. If that battery is bad it will not accept a charge and will destroy other electrical components on the car. It will also read fully charged when it is indeed not. Get that one out of there before more damage occurs and lets install a new one. Let me know how the vehicle functions with a new battery installed and road tested.
Talk to you soon.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Thank You Very Much. I truly am impressed that you stayed with me on this matter. I am going to accept this now. However, if I have a question pertaining to the same problem (such as how do we know the alternator is working ok?)may I ask it?
Thanks again.
My original deposit was $15 and I will increase it if I am able. If not, I will ask a simple question, wait for your response and accept it with a larger amount.
Charles W. Hill


Thanks so much, You may always post additional questions to this and I will respond.


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I initially pre-authorized $15. Then when I accepted I added a bonus of $30. Does that go to you and do you feel that was satisfactory. I would like to do more, however, I am on Social Security.
Have a great week
Charles W. Hill


More than fair, If every customer was like you I would do cart-wheels of joy!

Thanks again, -Russ