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What is estimated cost of brake job for Mercedes benz E320

Customer Question

What is estimated cost of brake job for Mercedes benz E320
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Eric replied 10 years ago.

Are you wanting price for just replacing front pads, or frt pads and rotors, or frt pads rotors and calipers, or doing the front and rears. I need to know what you are looking at having replaced exactly and then I can give you a price you should expect to pay.
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Eric's Post: Thank you for your reply.

I have a 97 E320 that needs a brake job. I do not know the extent yet and want to be prepared.
Front Pads -
Front Pads & Rotors -
Front Pads, & Rotors & Calipers
Front & Rears.

Any recommendation on how to approach so not to have excess work done?
Expert:  Eric replied 10 years ago.

Front pads- $150-$250, including wear sensors. Price variation in quality of pads.

Frt. pads and rotors - add $150 parts and labor to above price ($300-400)

Frt. pads, rotors, calipers - add $600 parts and labor for calipers ($900-1000)

Rear pads - $125-160, including wear sensors

Rear pads and rotors - add $250 parts and labor to above ($375-$410)

Rear pads, rotors, calipers - add $320 parts and labor to above ($695-730)

The best approach is to make sure that after inspection is done that you are allowed to look at brakes and if they recommend rotors, require that they measure the rotors in front of you and verify that they cannot be machined. As far as calipers, unless there is evidence of uneven inner pad wear(top part of pad different thickness than lower part) or you are experiencing a problem of brakes locking up, or leaking (again, require them to prove that they are needed), you should not have to replace calipers. On any vehicle with at least 60k miles, calipers can be recommended-but are Rarely required. As far as price of pads, one thing to keep in mind, MB rotors are generally made of a softer metal and real inexpensive pads will constantly squeal. For smoother, quieter, longer lasting pads go with the better grade. For aftermarket pads, I recommend Axxis brand for MB. Very quiet, smooth braking with them.
I hope this gives you some useful information to use in getting your brakes done.

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