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My car does not have the power to go uphill easily. It runs

Customer Question

My car, a 1992 Cadillac with 135k original miles, has lost the power to go uphill easily. It runs well on a flat surface but is very sluggish going uphill. I have replaced the catalytic converter, plugs and wires, fuel filter, and EGR valve. My mechanic thinks it is the transmission. But if it is a transmission problem why doesn't the problem occur on a flat road surface or in reverse? On both of these surfaces the car operates as normal. This problem came up all of sudden. One day it was running fine, the next day it was not. What's up?
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  carboss replied 10 years ago.
HI Zeplin, all the parts youve replaced can certainly cause your complaint, however what we try to do professionally is, to make measurements, which could have been made on these parts before condeming them, with this mileage, basic checks should be made, 1 compression,2timing chain for wear,and indexing, also the fuel pressure should be checked under load [which means when going up hill] to see if it can supply this big engine with all the fuel it needs. you may have to move on to a more technical facility,to help diagnose this problem,otherwise you may change parts to no avail and could use the money to fix it right.hi mileage can also cause alot of carbon buildup causing low power problem. hope it helps. angelo.
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Customer: replied 10 years ago.
A retired mechanic who lives next door suggested that it may be a fuel pump problem and/or the EGR sensor. I think it is the fuel pump.