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1999 Chrysler: air conditioning..we hook the coolant up to

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I need instructions on how to recharge the air conditioning on a 1999 Chrysler 300M. We have already purchased the coolant. We need help finding out where do we hook the coolant up to? We are not sure what exactly we are looking for under the hood. The a/c unit seems to be buried under several hoses?

Thank you

You will need to find the valve cap ( slightly larger than that of a tire valve cap ) There is a lowside cap and a high side cap. The valve under the caps are different sizes so you will only be able to connect to the correct one, this is the low side cap. It is located between the compressor( some times on the compressor ) and the evaporator( located at the firewall ). This procedure should be done by a qualified technician as the chemicals are under extreme pressure adn can cause harm.

A/C System Flow

Reference Link :

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
This is great - but can you tell me where this valve cap is on the 300M?

It is located between the compressor( some times on the compressor ) and the evaporator( located at the firewall ). This is as exact as I can get. You will not need to take anything off to get to it. And you should be able to see it with the hood up if you spend a minute looking. It is a cap usually black ( if it is located on compressor it should be green ) . The cap is about as big around as a marker and 1/2 inch tall.

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Jaxer Smith's Post: I'll check for the valve tonight. We did look for it before and could not find it. I will gladly accept your answer if we can find the valves. Thanks!
Let me know of your progress.
Ok, I dug and dug and finally found an exact location. Both High side and low side ports are on top of th compressor itself. The valve closest to the clutch is the low side and where you need to connect to. Good luck with your project and if you need any thing else let me know.
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Thank you for your latest response. This is exactly what I need to know once I locate the compressor which I think I did. Can you verify that it is located located underneath the terminal to recharge the battery - in the front of the car on the left hand side? It is very small - I assume I need to remove the cover (marked 'top') to see the valves? I have no idea what the a/c clutch looks like.

Sorry to be such a pain!

No problem at all. According to Mitchell repair manual the valve are on top of the compressor. The compressor is belt driven and a clutch that is mounted on the front of the compressor is what is being turned by the belt. There is a manifold that bolts to the top of the compressor and this is where the valve are according to the manual. You should be able to see the valves and need to remove the valve cap ( if it isn't missing ) then connect you hose.

Picture of the compressor assembly :


The silver tip in the middle is an example of what the valve looks like without a cap on it.

Best picture I could come up with :


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