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Why does my car blow white smoke from the tailpipe

Customer Question

1995 Acura Legend blows smoke when i start it and even after. It also shakes all the time now. And sometimes when i turn the key to start it up it locks it does't make a noise but everything electrical works.
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  William B replied 10 years ago.
HeyCustomerthanks for the question,

When the engine smokes out the tailpipe it is usually one of 3 different colors.

Dark black smoke is usually a sign of excessive gasoline being burned.

Light blue is a pretty good sign the engine is burning oil.

White smoke is usually steam from water and coolant being burned.

White smoke is a sign of water and anti-freeze from the engine cooling system being burned inside the motor. The "white" smoke is steam from burning the water or coolant. The fact that you have added water for the last 2 weeks, means more than likely the water is getting into the engine where it is not suppose to be. The problem is the water being burned turns to steam, the steam "cleans" the oil off the inside of the motor where the oil is needed to lubricate the pistons in the engine, so this is doing some VERY serious damage to the engine, and you should stop running the engine at once.

The problem might be a problem with the cylinder head gasket, it might be a problem with an overheated cracked cylinder head. A professional shop or dealership should look into the problem and hopefully repairs can be done without the complete replacement of the engine.

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