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Could improperly installed timing belt cause these problems

Customer Question

In Feb. I had a new timing belt installed in my car.When I got it back it had a severe engine vibration, so bad that when just ideling, the windows,dashboard,stearing wheel and everything else in the car was vibrating.This is tareing my car to pieces, broken motor mount, two turbo lines and three vacuum leaks have been repaired so far, but the shop will not address the original problem, that it was more than likely the timing belt not being properly installed.Finally, the last straw, the car blew a head gasket, and the head is now being resurfaced. I still think that the original job and all the vibrating has caused this car to rattle itself to death.Your input would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  William B replied 10 years ago.
Hey rattles 1939 thanks for the question,

I would agree with you especially if the car was running normal prior to the replacement of the belt. Was the belt replaced due to a routine maintenance, or was there a problem?

Now the headgasket needs to be replaced, was that due to overheating? Is the headgasket work being done by the same shop?

I am afraid either way there may not be much you can do now. If the same shop is doing the cylinder headgasket work, then hopefully when they put it back together, they will have everything back together correctly and it will run normal. If this cylinder headgasket work was done by another different shop, they should have been able to see if the timing belt was installed incorrectly when they took it apart for the cylinder headgasket repair.

You did not say if the work is done at a Chrysler dealership or an independent shop. Dealership would have a service manager to complain to, most small independent shops might have owner or manager to complain to if there is a problem.

I woulld have someone go with me when I pick it up when the repairs are done, so that you can have someone "witness" how it runs when you get it, or see if you can have the service manager go for a test drive, with you driving, before you pay for the repair, just to see if it is runs and idles normal. And let it idle for awhile to see if it is smooth and at a normal idle speed. If you think it is running funny or not right, let it be known to the manager before you pay and drive away, otherwise once you are away from the shop, you really do not have much recourse to do anything, as evidenced by the first timing belt problem and your concerns.

Click ACCEPT if this has helped, if not let me know, all bonuses and feedback appreciated.
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Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to William B's Post: The timing belt was replaced for routine maintenanc.The car was not heating up, just blew the head gasket when I started it, and all the work has been done by the same independent mechanic shop.The mechanic that did the work on the timing belt, and previous work that was botched up isn't allowed to touch my car now, because that was my request.Since the timing belt vibration problems,the shop has not charged me for repairing motor mount,turbo lines,and vacuum leaks that they repaired, an admission of sourts in itself.Your information was very helpful, and I will follow your recomendations, thanks a lot,     Rattles 1939
Expert:  William B replied 10 years ago.
Well that is good that they are taking some action.

Thanks for the accept on the answer.