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Wheels make a clicking when turning left and the steering whines

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wheels make a clicking when turning left and the steering whines like a sad puppy, what's going on? Is the car safe to drive?


These noises have different probable causes:

(1) A clicking noise on turns is usually from a worn outer CV joint. You can determine which side of the vehicle it is on by walking alongside the car while someone drives it slowly in a parking lot to produce the noise. The cure is to replace teh axle on the side that is making the noise with a remanufactured axle. Remanufactured axles are actually cheaper than individual CV joints, and can be purchased at most parts stores for under $100.

(2) A whining noise when turning the steering wheel is usually caused by the power steering pump. It may be low on fluid due to a leak, or the pump may simply be worn out after all these years. If there is a leak, you must locate it by doing a visual inspection and replace whatever component the leak is coming from. If the fluid is full and the pump is still noisy, you will need to replace the pump.

I would sugest having hthese things repaired soon; although this type of noise is not usually a safety issue in the short term, eventually one of these components will fail completely and leave you stranded along the road.

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