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92 Buick Park Avenue Wont Start - Diagnostics Wont Work ...

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92 Buick Park Avenue. This is very strange. Headlights work and are bright, electric locks and windows work, horn works. I can engage climate control fan, but Temp display flashes.

The instument cluster is dead, radio is dead, turn signals dead. When I turn the key to the first position none of the gauges respond. Turning the key to start makes a cliking noise but not at the starter. The click sounds like a relay closer to the drivers side dash. The usual red lights like service engine soon and change oil lights do not light at all. The procedure to check codes does not work. Battery is full and fairly new. All fuses check good.

The car had been running and driven to the store. The weather was hot... 92 degrees. Upon returning to the car to leave store the car was unresponsive as described. I have never seen anything like this before... HELP!

hello... are you sure that you checked the 60amp fuse under the hood? if so, you will have to gain access to the ignition switch and check for power on the solid red wire.if power is present, turn the key to the on position and check for power on the pink wire.also while there check for power on the yellow wire while cranking.. if no power found on the pink while in run or yellow while cranking, replace the switch.. if power is good at will need to check for power at fuse 8(10amp) in the box at the right side of the dash..with key on.. if bad, replace..if good you will need to check the relay behind the center of the dash, same wire colors and sequence..goodluck
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Customer: replied 10 years ago.

Can you tell me where the 60 amp fuse under the hood would be? I did not check that as I did not know there was one. And is the relay in the last sentence also under the hood on the firewall? Unfortunately those are not labeled, so I don't know which is which.

Thanks so far
hello....yes, the 60amp fuse will be under the the right side power box.... second, if that fuse is ok, there is a fuse inside the car on the right side of the dash in the relay center... fuse number8 10 amps... check for power there while cranking.. if the 60amp fuse is good and you have no power while cranking on the 10amp fuse, replace the ignition switch....
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
THANKS! It was the 60 amp fuse
no problem, its good to hear when someone fixes something,and are happy....goodluck in the future...tony
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to tony's Post: Tony,

After a short drive the car would not start again. This time the instrument panel came up ok with the key in the run position, but I blew the 60 amp fuse trying to get the starter to turn. There was no clicking sound. Does this sound like the starter solenoid maybe?


hello again, and sorry to hear that all is not well..... sounds like you might have a short in the starter....only shows when its hot. to be honest, replacing the starter would be the safest way to go... if it was my car, or a family members,that is what I would do first. if you have trouble after that,please dont hesitate to PM on here..I would be more then happy to walk you thru your diagnostics to fix whatever is happening.. tony

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to tony's Post: Yes, I ended up replacing the starter. This has been the repair that keeps on giving. Every time I got one thing fixed there was more lurking. What complicated it was in the processes of testing the old starter it suddenly came to life and started turning and would not even stop when I took the key out of the ignition. I had to quickly remove the battery cable to stop it. In the mean time it appears it ground a tooth or two off of the flywheel because when I put the new starter in it made the same grinding noise. I took a large wrench and advanced the crankshaft by a few inches, and sure enough it grabbed hold and started, but made some clanking.

Another thing I know you will appreciate. This turned out to be the original starter… 15 years old. It still had the band around it so I could not get to the bolts. I had heard tell about this hellish possibility many years ago, but never saw one so thought it might be urban legend. It is not. I did get it off though… it was a fight to the finish by that point… either it or me.
hello, just wasnt your week,was it... clanking noise should be there even with a ground tooth though...are you sure you got the bolts tight? I know you dont want to try and get to the bolts again so maybe have someone crank it,while you watch the body of the starter for shaking while cranking...if it shakes alot,you need to do more tightening....if it doesnt shake...when its in your budgit I would take it to a trans shop and have the flywheel replaced,they seem to do the job quicker and cheaper then a general auto repair shop. good luck with it in the future