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2000 Pontiac Bonneville: The ABS light shows on the instrument panel

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I have a 2000 Pontiac Bonneville SE. The ABS light shows on the instrument panel. What are the possible problems and is this repair something I can try to do on my own? If so, would you be able to walk me through the diagnosis and repair.
Hi there! Since the light is on you have a start.The problem here is you need to have the abs scanned by a pro so you aren't just throwing money out the window.Now once the scan is done you will most likely find there is a bad wheel speed sensor.On GM products they are internal to the wheel bearing,so once you find out which one it is you could certainly try to make the repair yourself.Changing the wheel bearings isn't to bad on these because they are the complete hub assembly.Usually held on by bolts.Hope this has answered your question.Thanks
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Would it be cost effective for me to buy a code scanner and try to find the problem myself, or do you recommend that I go to a garage to get the scan done. Any idea how much a garage would charge for a scan.
Most code readers don't read abs trouble codes.They are designed to read obdII codes stored in the engine control module.I am guessing here as far as the cost of a scan but I would guess 40-60 dollars.Hope this helps!Thanks
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to carguy1's Post: Thanks for your answer as it helps me with the direction I need to take to solve the problem. Also thanks for the advice on the code reader as it saved me from buying something that would not really help.

I will take your advice and get a scan done at the garage. Are there wheel speed sensors on each wheel? If so, will the scan show which one(s) are bad.

Also, could the problem be something as simple as a bad electrical connection or broken wire? When I recently changed my rear brake pads, I noticed an electrical connector at the wheel hub. Would I be correct in assuming that the electrical connector is for the speed sensor?

If your answer to the above is yes, I would plan to remove and reset all the electrical connectors. If this was indeed the problem, would the ABS light go out on its own, or does it need a reset?

Are there any special tools that I would need to replace a wheel bearing?

I hope that my questions are clear as this type of problem is new to me.

Hello again. Here we go.Question 1: yes you should have wheel speed sensors on all 4 wheels.

Question 2: I am sure what you saw was the connector for the wheel speed sensor.Yes the scan should show which one is specificly causing the problem.

It could possibly be a wiring problem.Hope it isn't.Finding a broken wire can sometimes be a nightmare.

Qustion 3: No special tools required.However,if it is a front wheel bearing causing the problem you will need a 36 mm socket(I think) to get the nut off the front axle.

I hope I got them all. Any more questions,just ask I will be happy to answer!Thanks

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