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2001 kia sportage: wiring diagram..fuel system..4cy automatic 4x4

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does anyone have access to a wiring diagram for the fuel system for a 2001 kia sportage 4cy automatic 4x4




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Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to rmldaytona's Post: The diagrams were great but do you have locations for the sensors and how the system signals the fuel intake. espeicially the tank pressure sensor that has three wires on it. the fuel relay has power but wont let it get to injectors. i think its the tank pressure switch but not sure. right now if I jump the relay the fuel pumps but comes right back out the return line bac into tank. can you help me out?

I can help you out.

However, let me ask you the vehicle's symptoms.

Obviously it cranks but it won't start.

Do you have spark?

Do you have fuel pressure?

Do you have injector pulse?



Customer: replied 10 years ago.
i have no fuel pressure but i took the line of tank and it pumps fine but comes right back through return line instead of building up pressure. i changed the entire pump assembly but it didnt come with tank pressure sensor so i had to use old one. i suspect that might have something to do with it. also the only way the pump runs is if i jump the relay with a wire but it still wont build pressure. i should check fire i guess to eliminate cam sensor, right? how can i fool the pressure switc just to see if thats it?

The fuel regulator works off engine vacuum. The less vacuum, the regulator closes(wide open throttle and starting conditions). When there is engine vacuum, the regulator opens (idle and stable driving). So, if it is stuck open... remove the return line and see if fuel comes out of the regulator. There should be none when the engine is not producing vacuum.

Yes if you have no fuel pressure, you must verify power at the pump. Then check for any line restrictions such as a plugged filter and kinked lines. If that is ok, look for a stuck open regulator. However, you must check fuel pressure with a gage for most accurate readings.

Checking for spark will also let you know if that is actually the problem. So, start there.

If you have good spark, good fuel pump power, no line restrictions, the regulator would be the next thing to investigate.




Customer: replied 10 years ago.
thank-you I'm going to accept answer but could you find out exactly in what order each sensor or regular signals the pump. For example does the regulator determine if the relay switches properly or does the tank pressure switch talk to it first or does the cam sensor determine if relay is allowed to give power to pump? I NEED to know what order these things operate in to eventually tell the pump to go and the regulator to open and allow fuel to the rail.

The MAF sensor only tells the computer how long the injectors must stay open in millisecond time. (injector pulse width)

Fuel tank pressure sensor is used for Evaporative Emissions and is not used for drivability purposes.

The Intake sensor is used in combination with the MAF to determine injector pulse width.

The chassis acceleration sensor is used for injector pulse width.

Engine coolant temperature sensor is used for injector pulse width.

The throttle position sensor is used for injector pulse width.

The knock sensor is used to detect detonation.

These are all computer inputs and fine tune the engine management system. They work in no particular order. The computer is what turns on the fuel pump using the main relay and the fuel pump relay. The fuel pump turns on for about one second when the ignition switch is turned to the on position. The fuel pump also turns on when the ignition switch is turned to the crank position. Once computer notices the vehicle is running through the crank sensor, the fuel pump does not shut off until one second after the engine is stopped.

Plese let me know if any part of your question went unanswered.






Rmldaytona and 5 other Car Specialists are ready to help you