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in reverse then i pulled on gear shift..occassionally..warmed

Resolved Question:

one time a month ago, locked up in reverse then i pulled on gear shift hard and it went back into neuteral. since then it occassionally grinds when you shift into second, fourth and sixth gear. notice problem worse on cold transmission, somewhat better when warmed up. today once, when in neuteral it made a grinding sound like it was trying to go in gear. when gear shift was wiggeled it got quiet. truck is a service vehicle for me, a heavy equipment mechanic, has 153,000 mi, a 2002 ram 3500. i am capable of repairing if i know what problems are. what do you think this could be. are there any service bulletins on this. where can i get a service repair manual that is reliable.
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Dean @ TransLab replied 10 years ago.
greetingsCustomerbr />
sounds to me like the 1-2 syncro was binding up but you unjammed it (by force) but there is probably too much internal clearance. I'd have to look at the exploded view on that one to see if the syncro's are clutch lined, but i suspect they are on the 02.
try double clutching it when shifting to see if you can get it to go to 2nd without grinding. if so, you may be able to fix it with new syncro rings, a full bearing kit, a selective shim kit to get the end play corrected. You will have to check the "points" on the gears to make sure they didn't get damaged by unclutched shifts. If you have never rebuilt a standard trans before then you will have to pay careful attention to clutch fork and slider wear (side clearance in the slider groove).
If you want a reliable repair manual just get the original equipment vehicle service manual from the dealer.

best wishes with your repair!
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