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2000 buick lesabre- STALLING PROBLEM ...

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2000 buick lesabre- 99,000 miles. car starts and stays running for about 10 seconds, then starts choking, shaking and stalls. service engine soon and battery light comes on. rpms drop rapidly. there is a hissing sound from under hood. also, if i press rapidly on the gas, it has a popping sound and a funny smell not gas. not a rotten egg smell either. kind of a burningish smell. it will also drain battery. and the last time this happened the back tail lights were out and my front lights kept dimming. It first started happening last year when it was really humid or it is happening all the time. when it does stay running, it runs great. It seems that after it has warmed up and the car has been running, it will happen. Already had alternator, battery, map sensor, complete tune up and now fuel pump w/sensor replaced. out of money and need help. 3 mechanics and $2,100 later still not fixed. Please Help!!! everyone keeps hooking it up to a diagnostic machine and it isnt giving a proper diagnosis. It may be something the computer can not diagnose but mechanics are never able to actually hear the problem because by the time i get it there, it is being towed there.
A hissing sound would be a broken vacuum hose or just the air filter inlet.I wish that I could see the engine parameters and if there where any codes in it.You may want to remove the maf sensor and see if there is any carbon build up on the sensor wires,carb cleaner spray will clean it up.Did any body clean the battery cables. They like to corrode,clean the cables real good and replace both bolts and the spacer for the positive. The pcms also had a problem .You didnt say if the plug wires where replace.
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Frank's Post: Thanks Frank! ! If you are referring to the plugs and wires, yes there were replaced. The mechanics said the codes were coming up as misfires. They also said the codes indicated that the problem was the map sensor the first time. Then the second time i took it back , they said the codes were indicating it was the fuel pump. well, apparently neither were correct.
NO, no one even mentioned cleaning the battery cables. Is there a battery somewhere under my backseat??? Or is it under the hood? the last mechanic told me it was under my back seat because when i had it replaced, they took my back seat out. Maybe they mis understood my question but i thought that was weird.
lesabre has the battery under the hood the park avenue has it under the rear seat. A mise fire code could just be dirty injectors.If you have high miles the plastic upper intake could be burnt out and cause coolant to be sucked into the engine. Thats not that uncommon.They will burn out and fill completly with coolant.Also check the coils- wet them down and see if there is any arching. Pull a wire at a time ans see if the spark from each terminal looks the same.Also try tapping on the pcm-behind the glove box to see if it has a problem.
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Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Frank's Post: so then they were wrong to say the battery was under the back seat. I know that there is a battery under the hood in the "regular" spot but i thought maybe there was another one under the back seat. that makes me a uncomfortable to take it there now if they dont even know where my battery is. When i tap on the PCM, what would indicate a problem...what would it do if there is a problem. The car is not starting so i am not sure what to look for.
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
sorry to be so detailed but these mechanics have been doing this for years and not one has mentioned anything you are saying so i guess it is on me to figure out for them. I am just getting a little frustrated because these seem like simple things to check. Thanks frank!
You mechanics have been working on cars - but you have to remember the years that I have worked on specific car lines and have seen just about every strange occurence that can happen.Some times even engineering cant fiqure it out.