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1992 mazda protege: that wont start..lights work..hard starting

Customer Question

i have a 1992 mazda protege that wont start. battery is ok cus the lights work, have fuel. it sounds like it wants to start , but doesnt, can you help me? it has been hard starting for the past month and have not really gotten to drive it much. i cannot drive it at all cus it wont start
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  al replied 10 years ago.

Hi you say it turnes over good and sounds as if it wants to start but will not start the first thing i, would do is to pull the spark plugs to make sure they do not have gas or oil on the plugs this would cause them not too fire you may have flooded them while trying to crank car if you pump the gas alot and it does not start this is what will happen so I, would start here if plugs are ok you will need to have the fuel pressure checked to make sure you are getting good fuel pressure from the fuel pump and the plugs are ok and you are getting spark to the plugs you should be able to start this car if not get back with me and we will do my best to help you get your car running.