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the battery of my 2003 cadillac deville died, had to jump ...

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the battery of my 2003 cadillac deville died, had to jump started and then it was fine, but now the keyless remotes dont work and I get the message about the tire pressure sensors, is there a way to re-set everything or do I have to go to the dealer
Your right it needs to be reset because of the dead battery. Try operating the door locks useing the inside door controls. If that doesn't work it is possible that you need to reprogram the system to accept your keyfob again. Unless you have a scan tool it will have to be done at the dealer. I'll be around if you have more questions.
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to 32dmadden's Post: the door lock work fine, as well as the alarm system, it's only the remotes that don't work and the tire pressure sensor, so, reset at the dealer? it's that expensive?
To remove the CHECK TIRE PRESSURE message set all the tire pressure to specs. They are located on one of the door post or glove box. They need to be between 24psi and 38 psi. If that doesn't work it is because all the systems that are down go through the remote control door lock reciever(RCDLR). That requires a scan tool to trouble shoot. A diagnosis or reset shouldn't take over one hour of labor. Make sure you get a price before you leave it.graphicgraphic
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