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how expensive is a range rover to repair are parts hard ...

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how expensive is a range rover to repair and maintain?
are parts hard to find?
Most major parts will need to come from Land Rover (Depending on what you are used to , this is probably condsidered expensive). Some normal maintenance parts will be available from regular parts stores. They are not the easiest vehicles to work on and I know of many shops who won't go beyond oil changes on them. Often you may find that the labor rate is higher for certain nameplates due to their extra pain. Many customers love their rovers, and feel the extra expense worth it. Find a shop who is comfortable with the Rover, check references. Do your preventative maintenance faithfully, and it will save thousands. Also take into consideration how far away the nearest Rover dealer is, this will affect parts availability.
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Customer: replied 10 years ago.
I need an idea from a professional what suv or minivan to buy
I have about 10,000 to spend..and I am not rich so I would like to find something that has been obviously used with low miles...alot of range rovers and discovery have come up on a website I was looking at but they seem to be very expensive if something goes wrong and I guess I cant just take it anywhere to fix. I guess my question is what model has proven low matainence and quality...I feel like I am losing my mind trying to find something safe and economical at the same time. please advise
It would be helpful to know what you haul, what your priorities are, meaning, fuel economy, four wheel drive, how many passengers, do you need to pull trailers, etc. Is off roading in your plans, or do you get inclement weather regulary, adn how much concern is there? I will be glad give you my opinions, one of which is remember everyone has them and even consumer reports is opinion, not gospel.

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