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88 subaru gl: tbi..the injector sparys so much fuel it..trouble codes

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I have an 88 subaru gl tbi problem. when trying to start the car the injector sparys so much fuel it floods the engine will not start.Theres no trouble codes to recover. Ive ohmed the fuel injector two terminals is 1.4m but nothing to ground out of either wire
Hello, it has been my experience that if an air flow meter is questionable it usually needs replacing. The specs on airflow sensors are so broad they rarely set codes. The do however make cars run funny sometimes. The fuel injector only power,ground is supplied by the ecm to make it function. The test is check for power and ground signal. This can be done with a test light connected to the positive side of the battery. If I can be of more help let me know.
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to carguy1's Post: so does the air flow meter contol the ecm telling how much fuel it needs.don,t understand test light to positive side of battery clairify please
O.K. when you heck the injector,you are looking for one wire to have power. To do this put a test light to the neg side of the battery. Once you determine which wire is the power wire,the light will light, then you need to look for the signal coming from the ecm. The other wire (or non power wire)should cause the test light to flash as long as it is hooked to the pos side of the battery. You will have to crank the car over to see the test light flash. As long as you see a flash that would indicate the ecm is telling the injector to turn on and off. Or pulsate.If that is working your mass air flow sensor could very well be the problem.The air flow meter tells the ecm what mixture off air to fuel is required to run.The only other thing that you should replace(unless you have a scan tool to test it)would be the coolant temp sensor.If it is telling the ecm it's very cold that would also cause a to rich condition. If you need more help let me know.Thanks
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