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Remove the inside door panel from a 2002 Jeep Liberty rear door?

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How do I remove the inside door panel from a 2002 Jeep Liberty rear door?

Hi, i've posted the procedures below. Thanks,


Removal and Installation (rear):

  • Remove the inside handle screw plug and remove the screw. See fig. 8.
  • Remove the pull handle screw.
  • Using a trim stick (C-4755), disengage the trim panel clips and remove trim panel.
  • Disconnect the electrical connectors and the inside handle actuator rod. See fig. 9.
  • To install, reverse the removal procedure.




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Customer: replied 10 years ago.
This may be a stupid question but what is a Trim Stick??? Is this a special tool that I have to buy or is there an alternative such as a gasket scraper, etc.?

Sorry, I should have been more descriptive. A "trim stick" is another word for upholstry remover tool. Most part stores carry some version of a trim clip removal tools, most are made of plastic or some type of protective coating to keep the trim panel from becoming damaged, since you'll have to pry against it to "pop" it loose. I've found that a flat-tip screwdriver works just as good, if wrapped with a terry cloth/shop towel. Basically, regardless of what tool or method you choose to remove the trim panel, be carefull because when pulling or prying on it to remove the clips, you can easily bend or break the panel which will make it difficult to keep taught against the door when you've completed the repairs. There are aftermarket techniques to successfully repair the panel in some cases, but if it will need replacement - it can be costly. Even if it's your first time it's best to evaluate where each clip is positioned and go about the job gently so that to avoid accidently damaging the panel. Your welcome to post back to me is you need further assitance during the process. Thanks


Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to RIP's Post: I've accepted your answers so I thank you. One last quick question and i'll call it done and this is in regards XXXXX XXXXX trim clips. How do they attach? To remove them do you have to push them aside or do you "pop" them out of a hole? I've done a lot of mechanical work on my vehicles but have never had to remove a trim panel so I want to make sure I don't mess something up. Is there somewhere on line I can go to look at what one looks like? On the picture you enclosed it looks like the clips are located equal distance around the entire panel?

Thank you again.

The trim clips pop into the door itself, so they'll need to be poped forward. If you have them loose around the outer edge of the door and the door trim is not completely loose, you may have missed a screw either in the door handle, or armrest. There may be one hook type hold down under the upper portion of the armrest, so once the clips are popped out, it's good practice to move the panel in an upward motion so that any hooks underneath will disengage as well. Also, once the clips are loosened you'll be able to pull the panel outward slightly and view the underneath with a flashlite to make sure there are no further holddowns. Unfortunalty, these are the best diagrams I am aware of, but let me know if you run into any trouble.