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1998 GMC: heater core..whole dash ( glove box ) area has to be taken

Customer Question

1998 GMC sierra, we have to replace the heater core . ive been looking fora diagram online to help with this job, with no luck.not sure if the whole dash ( glove box ) area has to be taken out or if just the area below the dash. is there any diagram you could email me as to help with this job? any help you could give us would be so greatly appreciated as it is getting real cold out.
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  ttiger79 replied 10 years ago.
Here's a few things that may help you out!

Remove or Disconnect

1. Engine coolant.
2. Instrument panel storage compartment.
3. Electrical connectors, as necessary.
4. Center floor air distribution duct.
5. Hinge pillar trim panels.
6. Blower motor cover.
7. Blower motor.
8. Steering column.
9. Roll instrument panel back.
10. Coolant recovery reservoir.
11. Heater hoses.
12. Screw on interior side of cowl, near the evaporator pipe (if equipped) while holding heater case to the cowl (Figure 10).
13. Four screws on the engine side of the cowl holding the heater case to the cowl (Figure 11).
14. Two nuts on the engine side of the cowl holding the heater case to the cowl (Figure 11).
15. Heater case.

-It may be necessary to have an assistant when removing heater case.

16. Heater cover.

- Remove seven screws that hold cover to the heater case.

17. Heater core from retainer.

Let me know if you need more help!