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2000 nissan frontier: diagnogstic trouble codes p1336 and 1105

Resolved Question:

what causes diagnogstic trouble codes p1336 and 1105 on a 2000 nissan frontier?
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  ttiger79 replied 10 years ago.
The p1336 code you have relates to the crankshaft position sensor. Here's a brief description:

You will need to check the connections and grounds going to the crankshaft position sensor. The sensor is bolted to the transmission bellhousing and reads the teeth on the flywheel. If you may have damage to the teeth on the flywheel, this is where the code is coming from. If not, remove the sensor, and ohm it out using an ohmmeter. It should haveApproximately 166.5 - 203.5 ohms [at 20°C (68°F)].

The p1105 is a failure in the map/baro switch solenoid. Here's a description of the system:
The MAP/BARO switch solenoid valve switches its air flow passage according to the voltage signal sent from the ECM. When voltage is supplied from the ECM, the MAP/BARO switch solenoid turns "ON ". Then, the absolute pressure sensor can monitor the ambient barometric pressure. When voltage is not supplied from the ECM, the MAP/BARO switch solenoid valve turns "OFF ". Then, the sensor monitors intake manifold pressure.

You will need to check the hoses going to the solenoid for cracks or blockage, check grounds and the connector. You most likely have a bad solenoid. Its located on the left inner fender, behind the air filter box.

Let me know if you need more help!

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