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prizm: car the power steering squeals..revving..once warmed..belt

Customer Question

1996 geo prizm, when first starting the car the power steering squeals like mad, revving engine once or twice will make it stop, but i will get some squealiing if i turn the wheel right away. once warmed up a little all works good. i have replace the belt and tried different tensions. i flushed the system , no help. i even remove and cleaned the power steering pump. no help. manual calls for dextron atf. i have found that a thinner fluid helps a little. can the rack cause the problem?
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Bill replied 11 years ago.
If this has been squeeling for a long time I would the pulleys first for excessive wear. If pulleys are worn belt cannot seat properly.I would not expext rack to cause this, especially if you have no others signs, such as binding. If this has been helpful an accept would be appreciated. Thank you Bill
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Bill's Post: I wouldnt think pulleys would cause the problem since revving the engine once or twice makes it stop. also over tightening the belt didnt seem too change it much.the problem is getting worse rapidly. before a quick rev would make it stop, now it takes a couple of good revs too quit and after that it may come back when turning the wheel.once it is run for a couple minutes ther is no squeel until it sits for a while.I understand this was the first year for power steering on the prism. There are two vacuum lines from the intake manifold too the pressure line at the pump just below the check valve, do you know what this is for?                           Kevin
Expert:  Bill replied 11 years ago.
once a v belt slips it will get progressivley worse if belt is riding low in groove either the belt is shot or the pulley is worn. It needs to be checked.if a neww belt does not squeel at first then starts to suspect the pulleys(s)
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Bill's Post: I checked the pulley they are fine. It is a flat belt, puleey grooves are plenty deep. any other suggestions?       kevin
Expert:  Bill replied 11 years ago.
check vac lines to make sure they are intact. if no other sensors involed inline or on pump this boost idle when pump under load. If belt in good shape and puley in good shape pump may be on it's way out. Toyata has had a few problems with pumps. As you know this is a toyota corolla with a gm label.I will double check and get back tou you .