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1997 buick lesabre: rain..cold engine,full tank..highway..steady speed

Customer Question

I have 1997 buick lesabre- the problem is that it stalls out for no ovbious reasons. heat,cold,rain,hot engine,cold engine,full tank,low tank gas,city,highway any thing that might have an effect have already been considered. when it stalls i could be going steady speed or slowing for traffic or a turn. it does seem to happen more regular while slowing for traffic, but not enough to say that is deffinatly a contribution to the problem. when it has stalled it will not start right back up it takes minutes or sometime hours before it will start again. there is strong cranking of the engine while trying to restart, but I do notice that with the key on the power windows, seat, mirriors will not function. no engine light comes on with the problem or as the problem is occurring the last time it stalled I pulled onto a side road and heard a small "moter" or a switch noise on the passenger side under or behind the glove box area for aprox.3 seconds. mechanic is a good one but unless it acts up while he can observe it he cannot figure what could be wrong. He is not a 'parts changer" and will not just guess at this fix. any ideas? thanks June smith
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Car
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
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1997 buick lesabre custom car stalls for no reason and will not start back up for minutes to hours. good cranking power just will not turn over. power seats,windows,etc do not respond while I keep trying to restart. one time i started car in driveway just hit the tilt for seat adjustment and car stalled imediatly. car has 154,000on it. car stalls when it wants. there are no situations that pervoke it's bad behavior. Last year after driving car around it didnt want to start every so often- that had not happened for a long while again and I thought it straighted itself out, but no I quess now it stalls for no reason when it wants to. email me [email protected]
Expert:  ase_master327 replied 11 years ago.

There is a 2 wire connector on the coil pack. If there is an aluminum oil pan on the engine, there is an oil level sensor. When this sensor completes a circuit, the ignition system shuts down. This is a common problem on all FWD V6 GM vehicles. For that reason, this is the first place I would check, since these wires are routed too close to the exhaust system from the factory, they melt and short out.

Keep in mind that this is only one possibility, but a common one.

Here is the list of things that will cause an engine to stall. Feel free to pass it along to the technician, there are so many possibilities that it is too easy to overlook some of them. This is a GENERAL list, applicable to all gasoline burning engines.

Incorrect idle speed.
Clogged fuel filter, or water/impurities in fuel system.
Ignition system components are damp or damaged.
Faulty emission system component, sensor, or wiring.
Faulty or incorrectly gapped spark plugs.
Faulty spark plug wires.
Vacuum leak at fuel pressure regulator, intake manifold, or hoses

Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to ase_master327's Post: I wanted to mention something else. I have a humming sound that comes from the back seat area. I have heard this sound98% of the time I have owned the car about 2 years. A tec gave it a test drive after a routine transmission drain and refill. He said to me "oh I hear that your auto leveling system is staying on"[ that humming or moter noise] I thought it was that all this time, but someone has just said that it more than likely was the fuel pump humming like that. so I do not know what to think that noise is now.
Expert:  ase_master327 replied 11 years ago.

It could be either, they are both back there. I believe the leveler motor is located in back passenger fender, and the fuel pump is in the fuel tank.

If the leveler stays on constantly, there might be a leak in the lines or other components, a bad motor, or faulty body level sensor. Be sure that this is not just a noisy fuel pump, though.

Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to ase_master327's Post: do you think I should disconnect that level system? I think I should, no one sits back there I dont load the trunk and the noise is gettin to me. I would like to do it myself, is it a matter of just pulling a fuse or is there more to it? possibly it might be contributing to the problem. There was a period about 8 months ago where the meter that shows what strength the battery is charging at held itself nearly to the red line. It used to stay nice and steady at 13/14 then it started to push the red line- never over it but more than its usual. 3 months ago I had a trouble with the passenger side door lock- it wouldnt lock as the other locks would or unlock, but then it seemed to clear itself up and now it follows suit like it should. I guess the more I think about it there are many tell tale signs of troubles. a month ago while listening to AM1080 I would hear interferance when I would use the turn singnals,also when I applyed the the break I would hear "clicks' threw the speakers as I would hear same type of clicks threw the speakers while using the turn signals. Then every so often I would hear a jolt type sound as if it was a bad conncction again with the am rather than fm from the stereo. so I need to know how to unplug that leveling system and see what happens