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Can you drive a car without antifreeze and if not what is ...

Customer Question

Can you drive a car without antifreeze and if not what is the downfall.
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Brian replied 11 years ago.
In addition to preventing the water from freezing in the cooling system, antifreeze also provides lubrication for the water pump, corrosion inhibitors to protect the metals of the engine, and it helps provide visual indication of leaks.

For a short period of a few days, it would not hurt to run without antifreeze, but it is not recommended. It is not worth the risk of damage. If you do run low on coolant, adding water is better than doing nothing. You definitely want to avoid overheating. And water will do that, but it is not as good as water + antifreeze for the long run.

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