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93 Dodge caravan 3.3L how to replace flex plate

Customer Question

how to replace flex plate/ remove transmission
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  GENE replied 10 years ago.


1993 TRANSMISSION SERVICING Chrysler Corp. Transaxle Removal & Installation - FWD


NOTE:Transaxle removal does not require engine removal.

CAUTION:Transaxle and torque converter must be removed as an assembly to avoid damage to torque converter drive plate, pump bushing or oil seal. Transaxle weight should NOT be allowed to rest on drive plate during removal.

Removal & Installation

  1. Disconnect negative battery cable. Disconnect throttle linkage and shift linkage from transaxle. Remove upper and lower oil cooler hoses. Support engine using engine support fixture. Remove bellhousing upper bolts.
  2. Remove wheel hub cotter pin, nut lock and spring washer. Loosen hub nut and wheel nuts with vehicle on ground. Raise and support vehicle. Remove hub nut, washer and wheel.
  3. Remove speedometer adapter and pinion as an assembly. Remove ball joint-to-steering knuckle clamp bolt.
  4. Separate ball joint stud from steering knuckle by prying against knuckle leg and control arm. Separate outer Constant Velocity (CV) joint splined shaft from hub by holding CV housing while moving knuckle (hub) assembly away.

    CAUTION:DO NOT pull on shaft when removing drive shaft assembly.

  5. Support axle shaft at CV joint housings. Remove axle shaft by pulling outward on inner CV joint housing. DO NOT pull on shaft. Remove left splash shield.
  6. Remove torque converter dust cover. Mark torque converter and flexplate for installation reference. Remove flexplate-to-torque converter bolts. Remove access plug in right splash shield to rotate engine crankshaft.
  7. Disconnect neutral safety switch. Remove engine mount bracket from front crossmember. Remove front mount insulator through-bolt and bellhousing bolts. Position transmission jack under transaxle. Remove left engine mount. Remove starter. Remove lower bellhousing bolts.
  8. Attach a small "C" clamp to edge of bellhousing to hold torque converter in place during transaxle removal. Slowly lower transaxle.
  9. To install, reverse removal procedure. Adjust gearshift and throttle cables. Torque all nuts and bolts to specification. Refill transaxle with Mopar ATF Plus Type 7176 or if not available, use Dexron-II automatic transmission fluid.