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1998 chevy monte carlo rear brake lights do not work

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1998 chevy monte carlo rear brake lights do not work Replaced so far one fuse the other one seemed ok but replaced anyway also replaced both bulbs in rear (all lights work off one bulb on each side... running lights.... and signel lights) everything working including rear window brake light but still no brake lights in the tails. Help!!
The brake lights and turn signals operate off the same filaments. So if the turn signals and center brake light work then you have a bad turn signal switch.
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to RonRepair's Post: Ron the turn signels work fine how can it be bad? or am I missing something?
The turn signals operate on a separate power supply contacts, so they can work. You are only losing the power from the brake light switch, which you know works because the center light works. Sometimes the brakes lights will even work when the turn signals are on, on the opposite side only of course. It's not an unusual problem.
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to RonRepair's Post: Ok Thanks!You have your $ but just one more thing ...
Is this something I might try to fix? I am a little handy and have time or should I pay someone to do it? Thanks for your help!!
It's not a real expensive job and you have to deal with the SRS (airbag) so it might be better if you had someone do it. Whether you do the job is a hard call for me, because I have no way of knowing your mechanical aptitude.
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