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Hammer Time
Hammer Time, L1 Master Technician
Category: Car
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Experience:  ASE Mastertech with Adv level Engine performance cert.
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1990 mitsubishi mirage: need to know valve adjustment..intake..exhaust

Customer Question

need to know valve adjustment for 1990 mitsubishi mirage 1.5 engine intake and exhaust. thank you
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Hammer Time replied 10 years ago.

Intake 0.006 in

Exhaust 0.010 in

  1. With engine at operating temperature, remove rocker arm cover.
  2. Disconnect high tension lead from ignition coil.
  3. While observing rocker arms on No. 4 cylinder, rotate crankshaft clockwise until the exhaust valve is closing and the intake valve has just to open. Ensure timing mark on crankshaft pulley is aligned with ``T'' mark on lower timing cover case. At this position the No. 1 cylinder is at top dead center compression stroke. Check and adjust valve clearance for both intake and exhaust valves of No. 1 cylinder, intake valve of No. 2 cylinder and exhaust valve of No. 3 cylinder. If valve clearance is not as specified, adjust valves as follows:

    1. Loosen rocker arm locknut.
    2. Turn adjusting screw while measuring clearance with a feeler gauge, Fig. 11, until screw contacts feeler gauge.
    3. Intake valve clearance should be .006 inch (.15mm) and exhaust valve clearance should be .010 inch (.25mm) with engine hot.
    4. Hold adjusting screw in place and tighten locknut to specifications.

  1. Rotate crankshaft clockwise 360 degrees then check and adjust valve clearance for exhaust valve of No. 2 cylinder, intake valve of No. 3 cylinder and intake and exhaust valves of No. 4 cylinder.
  2. After completing adjustment, install rocker arm cover and connect ignition coil high tension lead.
  3. Tighten rocker arm cover bolts to specifications.