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can low coolant level affect the effectiveness of an auto ...

Customer Question

can low coolant level affect the effectiveness of an auto air coditioning system?
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Steve replied 11 years ago.


The answer to your question is yes, a low engine coolant level or any other problem causing an engine cooling issue will also affect the performance of the air conditioning system.

The air conditoning system takes the heat from inside your car and pumps it out to the condenser to get rid of it. The radiator and condenser is located right in fornt of the radiator (part of the egngine's cooling system). If the engine is running much hotter than normal because of a low coolant level, the radiator area will become so hot that the A/C condenser cannot radiate it's heat away, and the air conditiner will start to warm up as a result.

A low coolant level in an engine, particularly modern aluminum engines, is a very serious issue. It only takes one overheating incident on many engine designs to do a couple thousand dollars worth of internal engine damage. If youa re leaking coolant, you should have it repaired ASAP!

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